v25-4 Our Collections Workers

Vol. XXV No. 4 - WINTER 2014

While the Society does not have paid staff, it does have two young men who we pay a very nominal amount to work on collections material. They are Tom Walsh and Jake Rogers. Both started working as volunteers in an unstructured intern program.

Tom Walsh

Tom is a graduate of Loyola University with a major in English and history, and began volunteering in 2009. In November of 2013 he obtained a full time job at the Deerfield Public library (before that it was part time). As a result he had to cut back his hours to five hours one Saturday a month, Before that he worked five hours a week. The majority of the entries in our Past Perfect database have been made by Tom. One of his major earlier projects was the development of a conversion table for all Edgewater streets showing the old and new numbers for all structures that existed in 1909. That table has been posted to our website to aid in home research. He also scanned EHS board minutes and converted the files into a fully searchable format. He did the same for a number of typed early interviews and continues to do that.

Jake Rogers

Jake hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst . He was a history and geography major and joined us as a volunteer in October 2010, not long after coming to Chicago. In April 2012, we felt guilty and offered to pay him for his time – an offer he accepted. Jake works three hours a week. A great deal of the progress we have made in sorting the various documents we received from other organizations has been due to Jake’s efforts. A major project that he just completed was the development of a spreadsheet of the names of all teachers who ever taught at St. Gregory High School, along with the years they taught and the subjects they taught. Previously as part of the sorting of the archives of the now defunct North Lakeside Cultural Center, he developed a spreadsheet of the organization’s programs and exhibits based on the documents available. It has already been posted on our website. Currently, he handles most all of the new donations and purchases made for the Society’s collections. Jake is currently working part time at the Winnetka public library and is more than half-way though an on-line Masters program in library and information science at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.