v25-4 World War One Remembered

Vol. XXV No. 4 - WINTER 2014

This photo was given to the Edgewater Historical Society by Dorothy McManus. It shows Leo McManus, her older brother in the center standing in his uniform in front of the veterans memorial at the intersection of Clark and Ashland on the dedication day in the late 1920s. Various members of the military are in attendance and flags are held high. The building in the background once served as the local VFW post.

Many young men from Edgewater fought in WWI and some churches in the area list the names of those who died in the war. In August we marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, a war we thought would “end all wars.” How little we knew about conflict and wars and what coming generations would want to fight about. This memorial still stands in our community as a reminder of those who gave their lives for our country.