v32-1 2021 Spring

VOL 32, #1: 2021 Spring

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Here are the major articles in this issue:

Edgewater Movie Theaters Revised by LeRoy Blommaert

Teaser #49 What Edgewater Church Hosted the Funerals of Two Former Mayors?  ( St Ita Roman Catholic Church, William Dever, Martin Kennelly )

The Drug Store at the Edgewater Beach Apartments by Paula Baron and Sallie Gaines ( Frank and Lilly Smimizu )

Edgewater’s Motor Row (5652-56 N. Broadway )

Fire Station’s Fire Pole by Brian Traglown ( Captain David Kenton )

Moby Dick in the Dark by Brian Traglown

Sylvia Lynch Dear Friend

Edgewater Mourns Pizza Peggy by John Holden ( Peggy Gelsomino, Gino’s North, 1111 W. Granville )