v25-4 Plein Air Painters at the Edgewater Historical Society Museum

Vol. XXV No. 4 - WINTER 2014

The museum hosted the works of some 40 Plein Air Painters for the Andersonville Arts and Design weekend, October 10-12. Included in the festivities was the artist reception on Friday evening which transformed the museum into an art show. Barb Strauss outdid herself in elegant appetizers. Betty Mayian coordinated the EHS part and Kathy Gemperle managed the arrangement of the space. Helping to set up the paintings were Karen Minturn, Betty Mayian, Bob Remer and Maya Lea, along with artist Charles Chitchelow and Martha Stevens. Coordinators for the Plein Air Painters of Chicago are Stephanie Weidner and Errol Jacobson. Bob and Rae Ann Cecrle from the Edgewater Artists in Motion loaned the museum the display screens that were used.

The paintings on display were painted outside in the open air in various locations around Chicago, with an emphasis on Edgewater. Among the most notable were views of the lakefront from Foster Avenue Beach, views of Andersonville including Gethsemane Garden Center, and views of Clark Street.

Perhaps you may have seen the artists over the summer painting on portable easels. Their work is done quickly as the changing light conditions effect everything in the paintings. They often go out together on Saturdays to locations around Chicago.

Formed in 2003 by renowned painter Scott Tallman Powers, the Plein Air Painters of Chicago is an association of like-minded artists who paint together on Saturday mornings in the Chicago area.

The EHS museum benefits from the sale of this work at the museum over the Andersonville Arts and Design weekend.

You can learn more about the Plein Air Painters by going to their web site: www.papchicago.com

The PAPC has now moved under the umbrella of the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts. Also see on Facebook: Plein Air Painters of Chicago.