v25-4 Another Edgewater Treasure Found

Vol. XXV No. 4 - WINTER 2014

In 1991, Edgewater resident Xan Norcik was cleaning out under his front porch when he found an old Illinois auto license plate. In most cases this wouldn’t be a big deal; most are quite common. But this wasn’t one of those “most” cases. The license plate bore no year. He took it to the Antiques Road Show and learned that it was issued in 1911 – the second year the state issued license plates – and is quite rare, valued at several hundred dollars. He then had it framed. It is currently on loan to the Edgewater Historical Society and is part of the Society’s current exhibit: Motoring through Edgewater. Moral of story: check out under your front porch… or even back porch. And don’t forget the attic, if you have one.