v32-2 2021 Summer

VOL 32, #2: 2021 Summer

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Here are the major articles in this issue:

Mansion Stories

Mrs. Manthley’s Mansion for Beautiful Women, by Helen Reichert Lambin

More on Mansions, by Marsha Holland

A "Dream Palace" Made Way for Malibu East, by Ron Cohn

The Strom Mansion (6039 Sheridan Rd), by Paul Vandehey

John Schmidt: Another Luxembourger Story, by Jean Spagnoli

T-Square Thom (Thom Greene retires)

Curiosity, Mystery Solved (May 25, 1956 bombing at 1252 W Catalpa, John Olinder, Bernard Voss)

The McNitt Garage (S.W. Corner of Hollywood and Broadway) by Robert Remer

Gunther Marx

Teaser #50 What Edgewater residential building has been occupied by the same family for the longest time (1249 W. Victoria)

When Broadway Was Residential, by LeRoy Blommaert