v25-4 Jan Baxter, owner of the Landmark shop, retires

Vol. XXV No. 4 - WINTER 2014

The Landmark in Andersonville opened in May of 1987. Jan reports that before opening she had a wholesale business and offices in the Calo building. Jan said “Because I had lived in Andersonville since 1965 (and raised my children in the neighborhood), I was pretty sure there was a lot of business to be had if the right kind of shops opened. Also, because I was a single mother I always felt bad that my children were basically unwelcome in the shops on Clark St., and I vowed that would NEVER be the case for kids in the hood. Nothing can beat dumb luck. I think the Landmark made a big enough splash in the neighborhood that others were not afraid to try their hand at retail. I do think if we had just opened one little storefront it might not have worked but… who knows.

“It is imperative that Andersonville remain local, as this is basically the only thing that sets us apart from all other areas in the city. One of the best perks of being local is that almost all concierges send out-of-towners to the neighborhood because it isn’t chains. This additional perk combined with the support of all residents makes Andersonville a very lucrative place to have a business. This was not difficult in the least and, what am I going to do… I don’t have a clue at this moment, but I’m sure opportunities will present themselves and it is fun to anticipate.” Thanks, Jan.

Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for all you have done to make Andersonville what it is today.