v34-4 2023 Winter

VOL 34, #4: 2023 Winter

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Here are the major articles in this issue.

- Edgewater’s Living Treasures

  • James Ginsburg
  • Reginald “Reggie” Griffin
  • Ronald Roenigk
  • Blair DeHaan
  • Sandra Pakin
  • Wayne Mitchell and Tony Chung

- Beautiful photos: The winners of the 2023 photo contest

  • 1st place: Quintin T. Hess
  • 2nd place: Sarah Cervantes
  • 3rd place: Matti Allison

- Legendary Edgewater activist Ed Marciniak remembered at local author talk

- Roller Skating in Edgewater by LeRoy Blommaert

- Teaser #58: What Negro/African American/Black musician got his start performing in Edgewater? And where did he perform? (It was Ray Nance and he performed at the Staples Cafe in 1933 which was at 6344 N. Broadway.)