v26-1 Edgewater Teaser #27

Vol. XXVI No. 1 - SPRING 2015

In our previous issue, we asked a series of questions, all related to aldermanic elections in wards when they included part of Edgewater. What aldermanic candidate in an Edgewater ward received the highest number of votes ever recorded in a contested Edgewater aldermanic election? The greatest percentage of the votes cast in a contested election? What successful candidate won by the lowest vote margin? By the lowest percentage of votes? What alderman ran unopposed the most times? In what ward and during what year was the highest number of votes cast? The lowest? What aldermanic race saw the greatest number of candidates?

Answers: The candidate who received the highest number of votes in any contested Edgewater aldermanic election was George A. Williston of the 49th ward. He received 21,940 votes in 1931. The candidate who obtained the highest percentage was James R. Quinn of the 50th ward. He received 83.10 percent in 1935. The candidate who won with the lowest vote margin was Morris H. Hirsh of the 48th ward. He won by only 89 votes in 1959! The candidate who won by the lowest percentage was Jack Sperling of the 50th ward. He won with 50.2% in 1955. The alderman who ran unopposed the most times was Patrick O’Connor. He ran unopposed five times, from 1995 through 2011. The most votes cast for aldermanic candidates was 39,698 in 1947 in the 48th ward. The fewest votes cast was 6,302 in the 49th ward in 1995. Both were contested elections. The aldermanic race that saw the greatest number of candidates was the election of 1987 in the 48th ward. There were 11 candidates. And not asked previously: What alderman has served the longest, excluding any time when the ward did not include part of Edgewater? It is Alderman Patrick O’Connor, by a wide margin. Through 2014 he has served for 31 years, beginning in 1983. For more statistics visit our website: local history/politics.

Teaser #28

Most people don’t know this, but the noted sketch comedy team of Mike Nichols and Elaine May performed in Edgewater for a period of time. When and where did they perform?