v26-1 Meet your Docent - Vitaliy Vladimirov

Vol. XXVI No. 1 - SPRING 2015

Moving to Edgewater was a lucky accident for Vitaliy. Once here, he discovered it as a great place to live. “It’s diverse, vibrant, affordable and easy to live car-free, with both trains and buses making all amenities at hand. Plus, it’s close to the lake, is home to dozens of fantastic restaurants and boutiques, and not to mention it has many beautiful old building and homes.” Another lucky accident was that Edgewater Historical Society happened to be just a few blocks from his home. When Vitaliy decided to start volunteering, it was the first place he sought out. He finds it impressive how over two decades the residents have worked to both preserve and promote the community, which has helped it be what it is today. Vitaliy finds volunteering fulfilling because it promotes a feeling of productivity while supporting his community, the connections he’s made, and because there’s always bound to be a need for whatever skills a person may have, big and small. Other hobbies or interests? Vitaliy is interested in how cities are shaped by ideas and decisions, both good and progressive, and also short-sighted and flat out terrible. The experience helping to “Save Trumbull” in the summer of 2014 inspired him to study historic preservation. He is currently enrolled in UIC’s Masters Program in Urban Planning to learn how to bring his design perspective to help shape a slightly “better” Chicago. Good luck Vitaliy!