v26-1 Jazz on Bryn Mawr

Vol. XXVI No. 1 - SPRING 2015

Back in the 1930s a revival of traditional jazz brought many people out to clubs around Chicago. There were two of these clubs in Edgewater. One was Rupneck’s at 1127 W. Thorndale (now a parking lot) the other was the 1111 Club (pronounced eleven eleven) on Bryn Mawr. These clubs did not encourage dancing and, if you look at the 1111 site, you can see why. The music was for listening only. A couple of well-known band members were “Hey Hey Humphry” (ask us about that name) and George Brunis. The band members dressed in suits and ties and played non amplified. Instrumentation included piano, drums, trombone, trumpet and sax. These performances continued through the mid 1950s.

Join us at Nookies to celebrate and enjoy the Jazz scene on Bryn Mawr on Tuesday, April 21. Make your reservation early, either by sending in your check to the museum, or going to our online reservation page. See you there.