Teaser #22

Vol. XXV No. 1 - SPRING 2014

In the last issue, we wrote that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s mother, Marsha, once operated a teen juice bar/dance club in Edgewater. We asked where was it and what was it called?

Answer: As best we can ascertain, it was located on the east side of Broadway, just north of Granville, in a building that has since been demolished. Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify the exact address. It was called the Daisy Patch.

Albert Williams, now a professor at Columbia College, remembers frequenting the place as a teen, beginning in 1969. He remembers the location and the fact that the front section was a juice bar and the back was used for dancing.

Here is Mayor Emanuel’s recollection:

[My mom owned a club] called the Daisy Patch [in Edgewater]. It was a club where aspiring bands would play. I used to go Friday nights with my mom. I used to get the blue drink, whatever the hell was in that blue drink – I think they just put sugar, water and some coloring. And I thought I was really cool. I’m talking about second grade, third grade. I’d be home by 9 o’clock. My mother would have my uncle take me home.

Sources: Interview of Rahm Emanuel, published in Time Out Chicago, 4-27-2011; recollection of Albert Williams (8-12-2013)

[Note: This article has been amended to correctly identify Mr. Williams as Albert.  He was identified in the original, paper newsletter as Andrew.  We apologize to Mr. Williams for the error.]

Teaser #23

What was the first land in Edgewater to be subdivided? What was the last land to be subdivided? (Edgewater extends from the lake to Ravenswood and Foster to Devon.)