Know Your Docent

Vol. XXV No. 1 - SPRING 2014

Rose Beal loves living in Edgewater because of the diversity and the unity of the community, the lakefront, the businesses, the transportation, the people, the food etc. Everything she needs or wants is here. She feels her neighbors are friendly, helpful and supportive. It gives her great pride to live in a community that cares about the people. That’s why she has lived in Edgewater for 29 years!

Rose found out about Edgewater Historical Society at a Community Fair in the neighborhood. To her, EHS defines Edgewater. “There is so much history at EHS about Edgewater, and always something to learn from every member of EHS. EHS offers information about the people in Edgewater, the places in Edgewater, the originality and the individuality that is in the community. EHS shows the beginning, the present and hints at the future of Edgewater.”

Volunteering is important to Rose because it gives her pleasure, satisfaction and purpose. She enjoys serving and helping people in her community, showing kindness, care and in general being supportive. Rose not only docents at the museum, but is an original supporter and docent at “Summer Nights in Edgewater.” Her other interests include reading, walking, eating, helping others and spending time with her family. In addition to Ottis, her husband, who is also a regular at “Summer Nights,” she has one son, a daughter in law, a 7 year old grandson and a 4 year old granddaughter. They give her love, joy and peace.