Edgewater Teaser #18

Vol. XXIV No. 1 - SPRING 2013

In the last newsletter we asked: The father of what internationally famous person born in Edgewater once ran for Alderman of the 49th ward? What was his name and how well did he do?

Answer: Hugh E. Rodham, father of Hillary Rodham Clinton, ran for alderman of the 49th ward in 1947. (Then the 49th ward extended as far south as Bryn Mawr east of Broadway.) He was one of eight candidates. He didn’t do very well. Although he came in 5th, he got only 382 votes out of 26,071 casts. The winner was Democratic committeeman Frank Keenan (surprise, surprise!), who got 17,073 votes (65.5%), easily besting his nearest competitor, Republican candidate Joseph Rubens, who got 5,509.

Hillary Rodham was born October 26, 1947, in the Edgewater Hospital. Her parents lived at the time at 5722 Winthrop. It was a common corridor building. An 8-unit condominium building, appropriately named the Rodham, has since replaced it. And what will replace the Edgewater Hospital?

Teaser #19

Where was the only land in Edgewater that was never subdivided?