V28-3 Barb Strauss (1942-2017)

Vol. XXVIII No. 3 - SUMMER 2017

Edgewater lost much when we lost our beloved Treasurer Barbara Strauss on July 26. While an indispensable member of our Board of Directors, she had a long history of service in the community. In particular, she had been devoted to the Lutheran Church. Originally a long time member of Bethany Lutheran, she served in many capacities, and fondly remembered working with Rev. Ralph Pomeroy, one of Edgewater’s historic figures. In more recent years she was affiliated with Concordia Lutheran Church, whose pastor conducted the funeral and internment.

Barb was quiet, but determinedly devout. She was successful at work, having been at the Chicago Tribune and different law firms. She had a reputation for competence and dedication, which was demonstrable in her many volunteer activities. Despite her work ethic, what was most important to her were her family and friendships; she was known for her loyalty and helpfulness to others, although she would shun help from others, ever wanting to be self reliant and never complaining.

Her contributions to the Edgewater Historical Society were legion and untold. She took on many formal roles and volunteered for just about all activities of the museum. Our visitors to exhibit opening receptions, for example, always raved about the catered fare that Barb so effortlessly and selflessly prepared.

Barb spent more time at the museum than just about anyone else, and in the process took on many other administrative tasks, including handling the email communications to our mailing lists, sending out press releases, and a whole lot of things that simply needed to be done. She just did them.

You can find more about Barb at Legacy.com, but I want to conclude with a perfect quote from her obituary:

“Her huge heart and kind soul touched everyone she met. She gave everything and took nothing.” May God bless Barb Strauss.

This photo contest is the last thing Barb was working on.