v26-2 Go Edgewater

Vol. XXVI No. 2 - SUMMER 2015

A Transportation Options Marketing Program in Chicago

Go Edgewater is a City of Chicago program that offers free resources, activities and support to Edgewater residents to encourage them to walk, bicycle and take transit more often. The focused campaign effort aims to launch in June, 2015, and run for four months.

Go Edgewater is one of five similar programs being implemented in Chicago neighborhoods between 2013 and 2016. The program piloted in 2013 with Go Bronzeville and continued in 2014 with Go Pilsen.

The goals of the Go Edgewater program are to:

  • Reduce drive-alone trips in Edgewater;
  • Increase trips made by foot, bicycle, transit and carpool;
  • Increase the use of bike share, particularly at stations within Edgewater;
  • Foster a sense of community around walking and bicycling activities; and
  • Support local businesses and existing community efforts.

The Go Edgewater program will invite 7,500 Edgewater residents to order customized information packets containing their choices of maps, brochures and helpful resources on transportation options for getting around Edgewater, the City of Chicago and beyond. Local outreach staff, hired from within the neighborhood, will assemble customized packets and deliver them to residents’ homes, along with an incentive gift.

Go Edgewater will also host community events such as themed neighborhood walks (some of these will start at the EHS Museum), guided bicycle rides and workshops to help residents get out and experience their community and the many available transportation options. Outreach staff will appear at existing community events to provide helpful information to residents about walking, bicycling and transit use in and around Edgewater.

The Go Edgewater team will work with local partners, as well as CTA, Metra, Divvy and other City and regional partners, to offer a suite of services customized to the neighborhood’s assets, needs and desires.

Go Edgewater is seeking program partners (The Edgewater Historical Society will be one) and interested community members to help make the program a success. If you would like to learn more or get involved, contact Maggie Melin at the Active Transportation Alliance at Maggie@activetrans.org or by telephone at 312-216-0475.