Points of Interest

This area of Edgewater holds enormous historic interest going back to the days of John Lewis Cochran all the way to the present.

If you have time and shoe leather, we present here a list of points of interest either architecturally, historically or both. They are either on your route of the home tour sites, or slightly off the course (on the Tour Map they are notated with circles).

They are listed here from the south to the north, as that is the most likely direction our tour goers might take.

1054 W. Hollywood – Stickney School Condominiums

J.E.O. Pridmore, architect. Built in 1903 as a private school, with castle-like features, it was renovated and converted to condos in the 1970s.

1065 W. Hollywood – The Beaconsfield

J.E.O. Pridmore, Architect. This multi-unit building is a good example of Pridmore’s Tudor style for high end tenants: The Beaconsfield‚ originally contained 15 apartments - in four separate buildings connected by a common basement. It was noted that every suite has its own sun parlor and sleeping porch and practically every bedroom has a bath attached.

5722 N. Winthrop – Birth Home of Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Born at Edgewater Hospital, the former Secretary of State’s family lived in a common corridor building on this site, before it was demolished and eventually replaced by the Rodham Arms condominiums. Her father ran for Alderman in Edgewater in 1949.

1117 W Ardmore – Art Deco Garage

Typical of the art deco terra cotta styles that appeared on many Edgewater car related businesses in the 1920s, when Broadway was considered the North Side Motor Row.

(The garage appeared in the movie The Dilemma)

1128 W. Ardmore – ComEd Substation Condominiums

Site of Cochran’s and Edgewater’s first electric plant (a major inducement for 19th century suburban home buyers), that was eventually replaced by ComEd and then scrapped and creatively rehabilitated as urban condos in the 2000s.

5822 N. Winthrop - English Craftsman/Queen Anne

This orange rated home was built in 1895 for John Lewis Cochran at a cost of $2,500. It typifies the vertical designs of the 19th century exhibiting many design elements that George Washington Maher was known for, but only Cochran’s name appears on the permit.

5901 N. Kenmore – Mayor Dever Residence

Chicago Mayor (1923-27) William Dever owned this handsome brick three-flat, now condominiums. He was famous for fighting gangsters and promoting public works; while he banished Al Capone to Cicero, the voters still wanted their beer and he lost to Al Capone’s favorite mayor, Big Bill Thompson in 1927.

5914 N. Sheridan Road – Park #517

A testament to Edgewater’s storied community activism, it took almost 30 years to defeat a tall high rise, secure public ownership, use neighbors’ fabulous park designs and dedicate the park to the Edgewater’s revered and world renown Rabbi Herman Schaalman and his wife Lotte.

5940 N. Sheridan Road – Colvin House (Chicago Landmark)

Permitted for construction in 1909, this formidable structure by George Washington Maher was officially landmarked by the City in 1994. It is the last remaining Maher mansion on Sheridan Road.

6106 N. Kenmore – Orange Rated Home

This very large Tudor home on a rare quadruple city lot is orange rated by the Chicago Landmarks Commission, and is probably the largest of any remaining mansions in the original Edgewater of J.L. Cochran’s additions.

1040 W. Granville – Sovereign Hotel

Opened in 1923 this ornate Beaux Arts hotel originally had 600 rooms with two ballrooms and a swimming pool. With an upscale reputation it was host to a future king of England and countless Edgewater weddings, this opulent building eventually became apartments and is now owned by Loyola University.

6219 N. Sheridan Rd – Gunder Mansion

Designed by Myron Church, built in 1910, it was noted in architectural publications and in the “Book of the North Shore”. Now a city landmark, its continued existence was borne of community activism and fundraising; it now is a part of the Berger Park complex of buildings, the southern mansion at 6205 is in this tour.