V27-2 Al Borenstine

Vol. XXVII No. 2 - SUMMER 2016

In April the Edgewater Historical Society lost our board member and friend Al Borenstine to cancer. Married to Roula Alakiotou, one of Edgewater’s Living Treasures, Al was co-chair of our Board Development Committee which had been his career with his own firm, Synergistics Associates, as top level computer executive recruiter for Fortune 500 companies. It is interesting to note that Al first came to Edgewater when he developed the computer systems for the developer of the Malibu East Condominiums and he eventually became one of the very first tenants and then went on to start his own firm. His other volunteer efforts included the Wharton School Alumni, El Valor, and Executive Service Corps. Our thoughts and prayers are with Roula and their two lovely twin daughters.

Rest in Peace.