v25-3 Meet Your Docents

Vol. XXV No. 3 - FALL 2014

Anna Shatsman and Bryce Payne were attracted to Edgewater because of its rich architectural culture. They think there is nothing more interesting about history than living amidst it. And that’s what they get to do in Edgewater. Last summer, Bryce connected with Bob Remer because of his passion for history. Anna and Bryce attended a Summer Nights in Edgewater performance and have been hooked ever since. Through EHS they connect not only with the history of the Edgewater community, but the broader history of the city of Chicago as well. Their volunteer efforts include maintaining the EHS facebook page, video and photography of EHS events, the Silent Auction and special research projects. They love the pay – just kidding! Anna and Bryce really love the people they are surrounded by and all the fun little things they learn from them. “We love the opportunity to give back to a community that gives so much to us.

In addition to EHS, other mutual passions include training for the Chicago Marathon with “Team Imerman Angels” and painting. Just so you don’t think they do everything together, Bryce is an avid would-be musician and Anna dabbles in small business development and web design. But who could forget their most important shared hobby: surviving the episodic wrath of their cat, Chelly!