Gail Smith

Gail Smith has been working in the community for twenty three years as a schoolteacher at St. Gertrude’s Northside Catholic Academy. Part of her third grade curriculum focuses on Edgewater’s history. It includes all the social studies inquiry methods. The students map the community, tour the community, and study the economy in Edgewater to determine the wants and needs of those who live in the area and how Edgewater fulfills those needs. The students discuss some of the issues of the community and how they can help make positive change. Finally, as part of their project, the students work in committees to build a model of Edgewater.

Gail wants her students to realize the importance, value and responsibility of being a member of the community. The study of Edgewater as a class project can help them understand how they can contribute and work together to achieve common goals. Gail believes Edgewater is a community that has made intentional efforts to provide for the needs of all the people and that in nurturing diversity it has become richer.

Gail Smith:
“Edgewater is a community where anyone could live
and everyone was welcome.”

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