Horace Fox

Horace Fox was born in Mississippi and arrived in Edgewater in 1991. He is a lawyer and community activist. He felt a very welcoming message from Edgewater and became involved in community development almost immediately at the local school level. He then joined the Edgewater Community Council because they had done many fine things like holding tax appeal seminars, supporting park development, the Broadway Armory and expansion of the Edgewater library. Because he is a lawyer, he contributed where he thought his efforts would be the most productive – offering his legal expertise at no cost to the Edgewater community. And his countless free hours of legal work cannot go unrecognized. The ECC maxim won him over. “Improve the lives of the residents. Who can disagree with that?”

Horace was involved in many of the property development issues in Edgewater: the North Lakeside Cultural Center, development along Sheridan Road and other important community issues. But his unstinting belief in the Edgewater community and his pro bono support of our activities truly makes him an Edgewater Living Treasure.

Horace Fox:
“Stay engaged – not with a machine, but with real people.”

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