Paul Boyd

Once headed to the priesthood in Cincinnati, Paul instead headed to Chicago, then Edgewater. His almost forty years of service have focused on community planning and appreciation of our great lakefront. A planner by instinct, he started a career working in urban renewal programs, then real estate. Over the years he became a significant force for improved and diversified housing opportunities in Edgewater. As President of the Edgewater Community Council, he threw himself into support of Operation Winthrop Kenmore and the ECC planning efforts, including forging new initiatives for lakefront preservation and planning.

To this day, Paul is very much involved with the Friends of the Parks and its Last Four Miles initiative extending the public ownership of Chicago’s lakefront. A devotee of the great Chicago planner, Daniel Burnham, Paul continues to urge community consensus as the framework for community planning. Still living in his first two-flat bought in 1978, Paul continues his close relationship with St. Gertrude Parish in a “a community of diversity that’s loving, caring and flourishing.”

Paul Boyd
“Being a Jesuit influenced me… I was idealistic as could
be (about) the power of intelligent planning that takes
into effect the whole range of the social spectrum.”

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