Tracy van Duinen

Tracy van Duinen is first and foremost an artist, dedicated to creating public works of art for the enjoyment of the whole community. In fact, his work is his passion. He created large-scale murals by pulling together the community’s public and private organizations to support these works. For over three years, Tracy worked on designing and producing murals under the Lake Shore Drive overpasses at Foster and Bryn Mawr. In this process he strived to incorporate the larger community in the greatest way possible. He opened himself up to any possibility and was always thinking about ways to involve the greatest number of people.

These murals were created using Tracy’s variation on the bricolage technique – a massive multimedia format that strives to produce a stunning participative work using various materials. The Bryn Mawr project is about living in Edgewater. For the Foster panorama, the idea of nature and family is prominent. For six weeks during three summers, every class, culture and walk of life came to freely offer help in putting up the murals on the underpass walls. A truly remarkable community effort.

Tracy Van Duinen
“I think you can be patient and love what you do
eventually (it) works. It doesn’t come too quickly,
but with hard work and patience it pays off.”

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