NLCC Archives

When the North Lakeside Cultural Center was informed by the Chicago Park Disrtrict that it had to remove its material from the north mansion by the end of December 2012, it requested that members of the Edgewater Historical Society come and remove what materials it wanted.  In two days, the equivalent of at least 24 file folder boxes of material were removed.  All the  material was reviewed and at least half of the material was disposed of as either duplicate items or items of no archival value.

All events and exhibit flyers and programs were collected in one place.  Later, they were all sorted by date and duplicates removed.  Jake Rogers who did most of the sorting then created a spreadsheet listing all the events and exhibit by date and source.  This spreadsheet has been posted to our website.

All correspondence was also sorted by date. 

Approximately 10 folder boxes of NLCC material remain to be sorted further.

In late 2014, the last NLCC President, Helen Murtaugh, gave EHS nine additional boxes of NLCC materials mostly of the last years of NLCC’s operation.

In September 2020, a group of five volunteers spent over 100 hours going through boxes of NLCC material and eliminating duplicates and material not deemed worthy of retention.  Material was sorted into general categories and replaced in the reduced number of boxes.