The Historic Districts of Edgewater (Bryn Mawr, Lakewood Balmoral and Andersonville)

The Bryn Mawr Historic District (1995): The display includes photos of John Lewis Cochran, the Guild Hall at Winthrop and Bryn Mawr and some other early buildings on the street. The district extends from the fragment of the original seawall in front of the Edgewater Beach Apartments to the intersection of Bryn Mawr, Broadway and Ridge.

The Lakewood Balmoral Historic District (1998): The display included early photos of homes in the district and an early map of J.L. Cochran’s subdivisions in Edgewater from 1886. The Lakewood Balmoral District is in Cochran’s 3rd Addition of 1890.

The Andersonville Commercial Historic District (2010): The display features a complete map of the district and photos of some of the notable buildings. One building at Balmoral and Clark is a Chicago Landmark.