v33-3 2022 Fall

VOL 33, #3: 2022 Fall

Please select an article from the list at the left. These articles are text only (coming soon). Click here to view the entire issue as a “PDF” file. The PDF file is low quality and not intended to be printed. Copies of each Scrapbook issue are available at the Museum for viewing or purchase. Copyright © 2022 Edgewater Historical Society.

Here are some of the major articles:

- Edgewater made its national TV debut 50 years ago this fall on the Bob Newhart show, by John Holden

- The Saga of 5852 N. Sheridan Road,  George Eddy

- EHS & EGA Partnership for Heritage Tree Audit, by Madeline An

- George Blommaert, tree, Thorndale

- Walking Edgewater 2022, by Kathy Gemperle

- Teaser #54 How Many Coal Yards Did Edgewater Have and Where Were They ( Edgewater Coal Company, Jacob Best Coal Company, F. J. Franzen Coal Company, and George Lill Coal Company

- Remembering Parades in Edgewater