Collections/Archives Acquisitions Policy

Edgewater Historical Society Acquisition Objectives

  1. Manuscripts pertaining to all aspects of the history of the Edgewater area of Chicago, with emphasis upon the social, educational, religious, business, economic, governmental, and political activities of people expressed in personal and institutional documents.
  2. Photographs, both original and copies, and postcards pertaining to locations, people and activities in Edgewater.
  3. All material related to the Edgewater Beach Hotel including souvenir objects, menus, photos, furnishings and architectural fragments as well as published materials and documents.
  4. Published works by local authors or which reveal or inform on some aspect of the history of the Edgewater community and/or activities of local residents both well and little known, as well as works about the Chicago area that touch on any aspect of local history, and the development of the Edgewater community in the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois.
  5. Information on and advertising by local companies and businesses.
  6. Material related to any and all aspects of local architectural history including information on any architects who have lived and worked in Edgewater and any architectural plans, studies and proposals pertaining to Edgewater.
  7. Examples of significant architectural styles from Edgewater buildings.
  8. Oral history records of local residents pertaining to their lives in relation to the community of Edgewater.
  9. Clothing and costumes belonging to Edgewater residents which exemplify the style of an era in a special way.
  10. Household and personal items of local residents which reflect specific historic periods or events in the history of Edgewater.
  11. Farming and other agricultural items used by Edgewater residents or businesses.
  12. Artifacts from Edgewater businesses, including manufacturing, retail and service industries.
  13. Artifacts from Edgewater governmental, social service and community groups and agencies.
  14. Fine art comprised of landscapes, street scenes, portraits, genre painting, sculpture and mixed media, whether depicting Edgewater people, place or activities, belonging to local residents or organizations, or in particular created by local artists.
  15. Examples of popular culture produced by or featuring Edgewater or Edgewater residents, including books, movies, plays, etc.
  16. Items documenting the history of EHS and the Museum.