Teaser #20

Vol. XXIV No. 3 - FALL 2013

In the last newsletter we asked: What famous Englishman visited Edgewater’s Hotel Sovereign and the Saddle & Cycle Club?

Answer: The Prince of Wales (and the future King of England, Edward VIII), visited both on a single day on October 14, 1924. The visit to the Hotel Sovereign was apparently a spur of the moment stop. The Prince expressed interest in Chicago hotels, and so on the way down Sheridan Road from Lake Forest, his host showed him the Hotel Sovereign. According to newspaper reports he was impressed with the hotel having an indoor swimming pool. While he was at the hotel for only a few minutes, the hotel management later made good use of his visit in its later promotions. It named its cocktail lounge, “the Prince of Wales” for example.

The visit to the Saddle & Cycle Club was well planned beforehand. Of all the places he visited on his action packed day in Chicago, he was at the Saddle & Cycle Club the longest. He arrived at 8:30 pm and danced the night and early morning away. The plan was for him to board his private train to Detroit at 12:30 am. At his request the departure was delayed until 3:30 am. He apparently had a very good time!

Source: Chicago Tribune

Note: This item was revised from the printed original to correct an error.

Teaser #21

What famous Chicagoan gave a commencement address to a Senn High School graduation class and when did he give it?