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The Edgewater Scrapbook is our quarterly newsletter. The Edgewater Historical Society website contains the text of nearly every article published in Scrapbook newsletter through 2017. Photos and sketches are not included in the searched articles.  For those one must view the pdf of the entire newsletter that is also available on this website.

For issues before 2018, you can browse two ways.  After you click on a particular issue from the list at the left, a list of key articles in that issue will appear.  You can click on any one of the articles you would like to read, or you can click on the pdf version of the entire newsletter and read it as you would if it were printed.  If you do it this second way, you will see all the photos and sketches that appeared in the original.

After 2017, you can currently browse only the second way. No list of main articles will appear for you to select. Click here for articles after 2017.

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