Almaz Yigizaw

Almaz Yigizaw was born in Ethiopia and arrived in Edgewater in 1982 as a teenage refugee with basically the clothes on her back. When she came to Edgewater she knew no English. But Almaz was determined to succeed in her adopted country. She graduated from Senn High School and went on to college while working to support herself. Her two restaurants are the focus of her daily life, but she has also become a lynchpin for the African community in Edgewater. For example, she is an active member of the Ethiopian Community Association. They sponsor programs for all immigrants: housing, English language, employment training – for everyone who has a need.

But Almaz’ influence goes beyond that. She opens her restaurant to meetings and community functions, she sponsored a fund raiser for another local restaurant, and she is a consistent supporter of the Black Family Network and their annual Thanksgiving dinner. Through her leadership, energy and cooking expertise, Almaz Yigizaw has played an important role in helping the Edgewater community achieve harmony and unity.

Almaz Yigazaw:
“This is the only place that you can accomplish your dream.
So if I can give back, I will. That’s my nature.”

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