Marion Volini

Marion Volini is recognized throughout Edgewater as the alderman whose victory took back the community for its residents. She began her activities at the school and church level. Then she collaborated in the formation of the Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council. Marion became concerned about unlicensed treatment centers after observing the plight of mental patients who were released into the community without proper support.

Feeling that elected officials had been asleep at the switch, she organized and invigorated the community to become part of the political process. Her election in 1978 empowered her to focus on improving neighborhood safety, housing rehabilitation, commercial revitalization, traffic congestion, and prevention of lakefront erosion. The renaissance along the Bryn Mawr commercial area is a testimonial to her accomplishments. She showed that by empowering the community, by making them stakeholders, they could create one of the few stable integrated communities in Chicago. She firmly believes that power should be distributed equally – that no one should be excluded from the governmental process because of race or political ideology.

Marion Volini:
“When people are working together for their neighborhood,
they can make things better for all and that keeps us
going and growing as a community.”

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