Elisabeth Szehgo

Elisabeth Szehgo was born in the south of France but didn’t arrive in Edgewater until 1973, attracted by easy access to the lake and city life. She has always been interested in politics, the environment and improving the community. She has contributed her time and skills to a long list of organizations: Edgewater Community Council, 48th ward committees, Arts North, Edgewater Historical Society Garden Committee, Palette and Chisel, the Chicago Ensemble, the Uptown Chamber of Commerce and groups promoting architectural preservation. She has attended more meetings than she cares to remember, and is a hands-on person who has a deep commitment to investing in the neighborhood in which she lives.

If it was important to the community, Elisabeth was there to help. She doesn’t mind being in charge of projects, but she prefers to remain in the background. Her strength is in carrying out plans for causes she supports. She is the one you can depend on, confident that a commitment will be accomplished in a timely way and beautifully done.

Elisabeth Szehgo:
“It’s very important to have the complete demographic
(in Edgewater), from the youngest to the oldest
and different backgrounds.”

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