Tom Robb

Tom Robb has lived in Edgewater for 29 years, but his real involvement in the community began in 2002 with his appointment to the Chicago Area Policing Alternative (CAPS) advisory board. CAPS has been recognized as one of the most ambitious community policing initiatives in the United States. Edgewater was one of the pilot sites, bringing the police and the community together to identify and solve neighborhood crime problems.

Tom then went on to work extensively through the Edgewater Community Council for poor relief and then directed Care for Real, Edgewater’s preeminent effort to provide food and clothing to the needy. And this effort is supported almost entirely by the Edgewater community.

With the growth of the African immigrant population, warm clothing and understanding a new climate and culture became important issues. The Association of Lost Boys was formed in Tom’s living room. Various community groups, such as the Pan African Association and Care for Real, banded together to help these new residents. Tom Robb – activist and someone who cares about others.

Thomas Robb:
“Anyone who claims to know what grassroots means hasn’t
been here. The theme for anything about Edgewater is
community response.”

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