Tracy Poyser

Tracy Poyser was born in Germany, moved into Edgewater in 2005 and found it a family friendly, attractive neighborhood. Having created community all her life in one way or another, she became involved in her new neighborhood’s activities. After retirement, she combined her skills in photography with her experience in non-profit community work by contributing to stories and providing photography for the Malibu East “Dialogue” newsletter. Branching out, she became involved with the Edgewater Community Council’s “Edgewater Cookbook”, an initiative to express the multi-national and multi-cultural character of the neighborhood through their shared recipes.

In 2009 Tracy committed herself to a new venture, “Artists in Motion”, whose mission is to deal with the blight of empty storefronts, to improve safety and to provide local artists a new venue for their work. As a bonus, it seeks to make Edgewater a pedestrian friendly artistic destination. Both the artists and community have benefited enormously from this creative grass roots program.

Tracy Poyser:
“I did not realize how much it increased my sense of warmth
and belonging and sense of home to create community. There
is so much more than I ever visualized that you get back.”

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