Alderman Patrick O'Connor

Alderman Patrick O’Connor has worked with the Edgewater community since 1983 when he was first elected to the city council and has been a stalwart supporter of Edgewater ever since. Edgewater is actually served by two aldermen. In his view this gives Edgewater twice the opportunity for getting things done.

Recognizing the importance of home for putting down roots, and the concept that encouraging a sense of identity will develop a community, the Alderman was responsive to establishing a home for the Edgewater Historical Society. He feels residents have been proactive in preserving the good aspects of their neighborhoods by improving what needs to be improved. The alderman believes neighborhood groups have a pretty good idea of what they want. They seek a sense of fairness, and these groups strive to build consensus.

He has assisted in bringing to fruition the goals of many community organizations which celebrate Edgewater’s diverse population and needs. Ald. O’Connor believes Edgewater changes all the time, but that is part of the appeal of the community. In his words, “Edgewater is a place, but Edgewater is really the people.”

Alderman Patrick O’Connor:
“Just recognizing a good idea is more important
than having a good idea.”

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