Sherri Kranz

Sherri Kranz moved to Edgewater in 1979, soon becoming active in Edgewater’s future after finding a vintage building on Kenmore near the lake.

A proposed Sheridan Road high rise threatened the community’s lakefront density plans. Sherri organized an Edgewater coalition that saved that critical empty lot – a lot that years later would became a park. Using the Lakefront Protection Ordinance, Edgewater won a much needed victory galvanizing the community’s empowerment – a turning point that strengthened Edgewater’s resolve for future challenges. Addressing substandard housing and crime, Sherri organized coalitions of block clubs and community groups, taking problem buildings to housing court, providing technical assistance to owners, and identifying responsible developers to revitalize Kenmore/Winthrop.

After many years of service to the Edgewater Community Council, Edgewater/Uptown Builders Association, and the Edgewater Development Corporation, she contributed to the revitalization of Kenmore-Winthrop and the Bryn Mawr commercial district. Spending many years on the Bryn Mawr Task Force, resulting in a National Landmark District, she provided quality management of The Belle Shore and the Bryn Mawr Landmarks.

Sherri Kranz:
“I’ve seen my role as a catalyst organizing coalitions of
developers, businesses, community groups and inspired
political leadership to find answers to local problems.”

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