Wayne Mitchell & Tony Chung

Wayne and Tony came to Edgewater not only because it is close to the lake with easily accessible transportation, but also because Edgewater is a diverse and friendly community. It is also a place where over time, their coworkers and neighbors became friends. That’s why they say Edgewater is a special neighborhood within the larger city.

For them, community is a connectedness to other individuals that becomes a shared experience. They both feel that volunteer work is an integral part of who they are. Believing that a person’s faith needs to be backed up with action, they have been involved in many projects in Edgewater, from tutoring and providing school supplies at Swift School to organizing activities for senior residents especially during the COVID epidemic.

Tony and Wayne try to encourage other people to get involved. What one individual does, can be multiplied through team efforts. Reaching out to others to volunteer helps people understand what a difference they can make.

Tony Chung

“We may not realize that you get more giving than receiving.
That has helped me grow as a person.”

Wayne Mitchell

“If you really want to learn who you are you need to volunteer.”

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