Tricia Van Eck

Curator, artist, environmentalist, preservationist, local leader and 20 year resident, Tricia Van Eck has made lasting contributions to Edgewater culture and community. Her goal to bring people together through art led this prominent curator to open the 6018 North free art gallery. A significant mansion in the original Edgewater development was preserved, while supporting scores of artists, students and public programs like Long Table block club events that brought neighbors together.

Previously she took great interest in numerous local development activities and worked with Alderman Smith’s task force to co-design what became Schaalman Park, a restful lookout on our lakefront at Thorndale and Sheridan.

More recently her interests blended naturally becoming an active participant, now Co-director of the Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project. She’s an active proponent of preservation, sustainability, conservation, and community participation. She even had time to lead delightful bike tours of Edgewater’s ever expanding public art.

Tricia Van Eck

The city is not an easy place. It is difficult for the density;
it is difficult for many. It is difficult because of this idea of
tolerance. Tolerance is not easy … Edgewater is a welcoming
and tolerant community for all types of diversity

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