Steve Pryor & Gregg Rojewski

Steve Pryor arrived in Edgewater in 1999 and soon after met Gregg Rojewski. They exerienced the spirit, pride and diversity in the community and felt driven to become more involved. For ten years they served on the board of the E.A.R.C. block club, helping to push the group to action on issues such as safety, zoning and common values.

An encounter with a hungry, homeless member of the community compelled them to move in a different direction. On a Saturday morning in January, 2009, Steve and Gregg parked their Subaru on the corner of Berwyn and Clark to collect donations for Care for Real, providing an innovative method for people to contribute food and clothing. It was a resounding success! Pack the Car has become a regular event held on the last Saturday of every month.

Recently, they have become concerned with maintaining affordable housing and commercial space in Edgewater. These factors contribute greatly to Edgewater’s diversity. They feel the need to preserve that uniqueness.

Steve Pryor & Gregg Rojewski

We’re passionate about poverty. Collecting food and
clothing helps someone else and that gives us joy.
We’re not doing it for money or fame.

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