Tom Welch

Love brought Tom Welsh to Edgewater and he quickly learned to love his new community too. Tom is a professional educator, futurist, and book lover, who instinctively involved himself in Edgewater Reads during the reconstruction of the Edgewater Library. His enthusiasm launched the Little Free Libraries in Edgewater, which popped up like mushrooms in yards and parkways. These varied, multicolored, and artistically designed boxes now belong to their neighborhoods and are loosely networked; they are nourished with ever changing books and maintained by loving neighbors. The project has brought great pride to Edgewater and has become literary glue to connect a diverse population.

Always concerned about kids, Tom earnestly supported the Safe Passage program at Senn High School. Tom and his handsome golden retrievers have been regular fixtures at the Thorndale train station, welcoming students and bidding his neighbors a good day.

With the Little Free Libraries and his fine example of community involvement, Tom has left a lasting mark as a Living Treasure of Edgewater.

Tom Welch

…it’s such a great community with so much potential
and I don’t want people to feel that they are just passing
through and nameless. I would like every single person who
lives in Edgewater or works in Edgewater to really be able to
feel that connection to the community.

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