Andrew Park

Andrew Park is passionate about theater, firmly believing that art should be for everyone and everyone should have equal access to it, regardless of their financial condition. This core belief led to the founding of the Quest Theatre Ensemble in 2002.

The group worked out of Andrew’s apartment on Broadway and there created their first production - Blue Nativity. It is an inspirational tale that leaves you reassured that everything is going to turn out OK - that simple light can rise from complicated darkness. Blue Nativity became the troupe’s first big hit and has been performed across the U.S. and worldwide.

Quest Theatre will turn 15 in 2017. Through the years the free “People’s Theater” has attracted a diverse acting base and an equally diverse audience that reflects the Edgewater community. The mission has not changed – free theater for the community. Their ultimate goal is to help create a better world where sharing, acceptance and care are the standard for living - a standard not unlike Edgewater itself.

Andrew Park

We bring a diverse group together to share a common
experience. It feels like…everything is possible, that there is a
whole lot more in common than (what) separates us.

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