Mary Ann Collins

Improving the lives of older adults has always been Mary Ann’s focus and passion. As a volunteer at St. Gertrude’s parish, she helped elderly people in the neighborhood who really needed support. Eventually she took on the whole program, which became known as “Heart to Heart.” Mary Ann wanted to broaden the program to the Edgewater community as a whole because she felt this kind of care and assistance should not be limited to the parish alone. Starting with just thirty older adults and twenty volunteers, the program has increased to over one hundred adults and ninety volunteers who help seniors that are isolated without regard to racial, religious or ethnic differences.

Mary Ann served in a city wide task force on aging, believing “Heart to Heart” could provide a model for the entire city. But through it all, her focus remained Edgewater. Enhancing the lives of seniors who just need a little bit of support through volunteers, to give them the connection and resources for care they need at the community level, remains Mary Ann’s mission and path.

Mary Ann Collins
“Follow your heart and your passion…
Follow your dreams; follow your life to care for others
because your life will be so much better for it.”

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