Marge Britton

Marge Britton is a lifelong resident of the Edgewater community. Even as a young mother in their first house, Marge was involved. When she became concerned that the neighborhood was getting a little “rough around the edges” she helped her neighborhood revive. The first meeting of what became the Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council was held in her living room.

Marge became increasingly active in community affairs, encouraging development of other block clubs and helping ignite the rebellion against the political establishment, transferring power to the community and away from special interests. As Marion Volini’s closest ally, Marge fought for community input in the planning and development of commercial districts and fair housing.

She fought against vote fraud by the political machine – the buying of votes in halfway houses, retirement and nursing homes. She helped push massage parlors and adult stores out of the neighborhoods. She was vice president of the Edgewater Community Council and, being a professional journalist, wrote their PR for years.

Marge cares deeply about the community and stepped up where others were “just too busy.” She accomplished so much and at the same time raised six children.

Marge Britton
“The number of people who have been able to get involved, to
really care about what happens, I think is fantastic.”

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