2013 Edgewater Living Treasures

Row 1

Roula Alakiotou - Saved historic mansions at Granville and Sheridan for public use turned into Berger Park. North Lakeside Cultural Center - advocate, architect

Betty Barclay - Edgewater Branch Library and Friends of the Library

State Senator Arthur Berman (retired) - Broadway Armory Park. Chicago school reform

Rae Ann Cecrle - Organized neighbors to address the crime and substandard housing issues along the Winthrop-Kenmore corridor. Edgewater Artists in Motion

Robert Cecrle - Organized neighbors to address the crime and substandard housing issues along the Winthrop-Kenmore corridor

Row 1

Regas Chefas - In kind donations to many community groups - the Edgewater Historical Society, West Andersonville Gardens, and West Edgewater Area Residents

Horace Fox, Jr. - Countless hours of pro bono legal services for Edgewater Community Council

Rick Garcia - 1988 Chicago ordinance against sexual-orientation discrimination / founding executive director of Equality Illinois

Maryon Gray - West Andersonville Gardens, the first community garden along Ravenswood Ave.

Sherri Kranz - Revitalization of the Bryn Mawr commercial district. The Belle Shore and the Bryn Mawr apartments

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Sheli Lulkin - Public safety and flooding issues on Sheridan Road. Association of Sheridan Condominium/Co-op Owners (A.S.C.O). Edgewater Chamber of Commerce

Ron Massengill - President of W.A.N.T for more terms than any other person in its history. Helped found W.E.A.R.

Derrick McClinton - Hosts free thanksgiving dinner for needy Edgewater residents, and founder of Edgewater / Rogers Park Black Family Network

Troy McMillian - Creation of Vedgewater community garden at Rosemont and Broadway. Friends of the Park

Alderman Patrick O’Connor - Was responsive to establishing a home for the Edgewater Historical Society

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Marilyn Pierce - Positive Loitering, a neighborhood program to improve public safety. Thorndale Task Force

Tracy Poyser - Edgewater Community Council’s “Edgewater Cookbook” Edgewater Artists in Motion

Tom Robb - Care for Real, Immigrants aid, The Association of Lost Boys

Janice Rosales - Historic preservation and restoration of paintings and murals at Peirce School

Rabbi Herman Schaalman - Edgewater Community Religious Association, Care for Real and the Edgewater Community Council founding father

Row 1

Gail Smith - 3rd grade teacher at Northside Catholic Academy teaching Edgewater history to her students for 23 years

Hon. Mary Ann Smith - Operation Lakewatch, a grass roots effort to make voters aware of water contamination in Lake Michigan

Elisabeth Szegho - Longtime, consistent supporter of Edgewater community organizations, including ArtsNorth

Hon. Marion Volini - Neighborhood safety, housing rehabilitation, commercial revitalization, traffic congestion, and prevention of lakefront erosion. The renaissance along the Bryn Mawr commercial area

Almaz Yigizaw - Ethiopian Diamond owner for in-kind donations to various African-American Edgewater causes and organizations. Member of the Ethiopian Community Association