Arthur Berman

Arthur Berman is a lifelong Chicago resident who lived in the Edgewater neighborhood for most of his life. He is a graduate of Senn High School. Senator Berman became interested in politics at an early age when he became a precinct captain in 1955 at the age of twenty. He was elected to the state legislature in 1969 and became a state senator in 1977. In all, he has served in the state legislature for over thirty years, working primarily for education administration reform in Chicago and across the state. Senator Berman is proud of his efforts to bring democracy into the Chicago public schools through the creation of local school councils.

For Edgewater, his major accomplishment was spearheading the process for converting the Broadway Armory from a large military facility into an Edgewater landmark. It took many years of persistent effort to accomplish this objective. Now this wonderful multiuse building is administered by the Chicago Park District for the benefit of all local residents.

Arthur Berman:
“The Broadway Armory Park is used by the community 24/7 for
all kinds of programs and by all ages from small kids
to aging people. It’s a great facility.”

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