Thanks to our Supporters

A Special Thank You!

  • Edgewater Baptist church for hosting the tour check in and pretour dinner
  • Bill Panalto, Pastor of the church
  • Kevin Doerksen, historian of the church
  • The homeowners who opened their homes for the tour
  • The homeowners who helped find locations
  • Gethsemane Garden Center for their support
  • Chicago Filmmakers for their support
  • Our wonderful volunteers who acted as tour guides and helped in so many ways
  • Susan Darnell for helping to find homeowners
  • Pam Ball for helping to find homeowners
  • The Edgewater Triangle Neighborhood Association and its president Keith Goad
  • Our generous sponsors for the ads and the non-profit ads

Tour Booklet

Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and effort:

  • Kathy Gemperle: Writing, design, photography, production
  • Leroy Blommaert: Research, writing, publicity, homeowner contacts
  • Betsy Kane: Design and production
  • Larry Rosen: Production, photography, editing
  • Marsha Holland: Ad production, ad contacts, research, editing
  • David Gemperle: Editing

2017 Home Tour Committee

LeRoy Blommaert and Kathy Gemperle
Rose Beal Marjorie Fitz-Birch
David Gemperle John Holden
Marieluise Kailing Betsy Kane
Morry Matson Tiffany Middleton
Dorothy Nygren Robert Remer
Martin Stewart Barbara Strauss

Thanks to the team who puts the yellow signs in all the neighborhoods, and to the team that worked on all the mailings.