Thanks to our Supporters

A Special Thank You to:

  • The wonderful people who allowed their homes to be shown
  • The ENN organization
  • Granville Avenue United Methodist Church
  • The Edgewater Community Council for their support
  • Jim Anderson for making contacts on our behalf and helping with the research
  • Annette Schroeder for making contacts on our behalf
  • Our tour guides

Tour Booklet

Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and efforts:

  • Kathryn Gemperle - Writing, Research and Design
  • John Taccio - Typesetting, Writing and Editing
  • Thom Greene - House Drawings
  • Jim Anderson - Layout and Design
  • David Gemperle - Editing

1997 Fall Tour of Homes Committee

Jim Anderson and Kathryn Gemperle, Co-Chairs
John Taccio  Thom Greene
Betty Mayian Marie Morrissette
Carl Helbig Sandee Remis
Marion Lettner Amy Hanson
Martha Kraeger Linda Komosa
LeRoy Blommaert Larry Zimmer

Special thanks to Alderman Patrick O’Connor