This classic Chicago six-flat was built for G.F. Sanders in 1924. The architect’s name was Hoerman and construction was by the Edgewater Construction Co. The original building permit was dated May 1, 1924 and the cost of construction was $28,000. This building was erected just after the City’s 1922 zoning ordinance which designated areas where multi-family housing could be built.

The six-flat in Chicago set a standard in multi-family housing. Most six-flats are three-story brick residences with usually two or three bedrooms per unit. Since this block has only two single family homes and mostly six-flats, we can presume that this section of Edgewater Park was vacant for almost 30 years after the original subdivision.

This six-flat features spacious bay windows and a standard center entrance. The entrance shows the influence of Art Deco design with its enlarged keystone over a rectangular doorway. Passing through the foyer to the second level you will note the dark mahogany stained and varnished wood of the handrails and the newel posts. This was the fashion of the 1920s.

The condominium you are visiting is both homey and beautifully appointed. The fireplace in the living room originally burned natural gas but has no flue. Note the beautiful window bench around the front bay. Unlike the six-flat to the west, which has sun porches, this building design creates a more open and flowing space.

The master bedroom off the front hall is spacious and beautifully decorated. Closets have been added. A second connecting hallway serves the back of the apartment and offers a storage area off the bathroom and an entrance to the formal dining room. A small bedroom/office is located to the right off the dining room. To the left is the open entrance to the kitchen.

The kitchen has original maple floors with some added detailing of a faux walnut strip. The kitchen has been redone with Walnut stained cabinets and an eating area. The ceiling beams are an added detail as is the stenciling of vines which was done by the owners. As you leave through the back door, take a look at the lovely back yard and garden.