This gracious home was built in 1929 for the Terwilliger family. It is on land that was once owned by the Rosehill Cemetery Company along a private cemetery road from Ashland to the cemetery East Gate. The land was sold in 1927.

The architect was Arthur Klewer and the builder M.W. Pellinger. The cost of construction was $4,000. The architectural style is Tudor, which was popular in the 1920s. It is distinguished by the half timbered and stucco design you see on the fa├žade of this home. The exterior is face brick with limestone detailing around the windows, doors and corners of the home. This soft limestone is from Wisconsin. Other limestone (Indiana) is used on the window sills.

The side porch entrance is built of Wisconsin limestone with solid oak beams on a concrete base. The arched front door is original, with leaded glass in a diamond pattern. This pattern is also used in the two windows on the porch and the two windows above the fireplace. The half timbered wood design on the building is cypress. The slate roof is original.

The vestibule has been painted in a faux stone design, keeping with the overall style of the home. In the entrance hall, you will see the most significant change in the home - the addition of an open oak staircase to the second floor. In order to provide better access to the second floor, the current owners sought a way to change the staircase from a hallway connected to the basement to a more open connection to the second floor. It is clear from the original blueprints of the home that the family who built it did not have plans to use the second floor for anything other than storage.

Off the entrance hall is the beautiful and spacious living room with arched entrance. A brick fireplace with limestone corners is central to the room. On the plans, a notation was made about an old wood beam to be used above the opening. Above the wood beam is a custom made circular tile of a sailing ship. One can imagine that the original owners, who were from New York City, once owned a sailing ship and wanted to remember their family origins. The front windows are framed by a radiator-cover/bench. The ceiling is framed in a cove molding. The living room opens into a dining room, which is decorated with a chair rail and picture molding above - all part of the original design. Connected to the dining room is the kitchen with a newer format. The original pantry has been opened as a breakfast bar.

Down the hallway, many beautiful doors are visible. They are birch stained to take on the look of walnut. The design is unusual, as are the door plates. You can peak into a modern bath through an arched hallway. The shower was once surrounded by an arch. The two bedrooms downstairs are opened for viewing. One features a large bay window looking into the backyard. The second, also quite large, provides a family/TV room.

At the top of the opened staircase, you are in an open area. To the right is an open bedroom. The master bedroom is to your left. It features a cathedral ceiling and exposed birch wall with a leaded window at the top. Open closets line the west wall. The owners are planning to create a master bath connected to this room sometime soon.

As you leave this lovely home through the kitchen, take note of the view from the side porch: Clark Street, the War memorial and several of our well known Clark Street businesses with a long history in our community. Our silent auction is set up in the driveway leading to the original garage with half timbered design. Please leave a bid on a bid sheet before you go and stop for some refreshment.