This residence is the oldest one on the tour. It was built in 1895 for John Lewis Cochran at a cost of $2,500. It typifies the vertical designs of the 19th century. The style influence is English Craftsman/Queen Anne.

Standing in front of the building, you can’t help but be impressed with the detailing and decoration. The steeply pitched sweeping roof is typical of the English style. The front porch extends to an octagonal corner tower. Above the porch is a small false balcony. The porch supports are simple beams between segmented arches. The windows show eight panes above and a single glass below.

From the south side of the building, the half-timbered projection is noteworthy. While on the north side, at the third story, there is a bay projection with a balcony.

Inside, the beautifully finished oak woodwork is outstanding. The floors are oak with borders inlaid with mahogany or cherry. In the foyer you can see the simple design of the staircase tucked away, a craftsman-like style. Just past the staircase is a library. The dining room is light and airy, with arched windows in a cross-leaded design.

The stair railing spindles on the second floor show a different turned wood design. The bedrooms are located off a long hallway and are light and bright. A staircase to the rear leads to servants quarters on the third floor.

The current owners have worked to preserve the beauty of this 19th century home. All the woodwork has been restored. The owners took care to note what was done in the rooms before they started any restoration. The home was purchased from the previous owners, who bought the home in the mid 1940s.